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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nokia N95: Bigger means better.

Bringing new surprises in our day-to-day lives, mobile technology has been evolving with a lightening speed to leave us simply awestruck. It is not something, which has been achieved in a couple of years, but it is a result of a consistent innovation and rigorous research of decades, which has brought these substantial mobile phones – adding more meaning to our day-to-day lives. Earlier, a mobile phone was simply used as an easier mode of communication, but now it is more like our personal computer – you name it and you would certainly have it with mobile technology from multimedia, camera, to music. Nokia's highly acclaimed N-series epitomises this era of digital conversion with more to offer than we can literally imagine. The next big thing or the elite member of this league is the Nokia N95 – a bigger and innovative extravaganza for mobile phone users.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best mobile phones – Transforming lives

We, humans, are social in nature. We like chatting up with old acquaintances; we like renewing bonds of friendship and we also like sharing our ideas and opinions with our friends and family. It is impossible for us to exist in a circumstantial vacuum. In addition to being social, we are fun loving. Many among us also like to keep ourselves updated with the latest on information and news, a practice which keeps us in good stead in this ever changing and competitive world. The latest mobile phones enable us to cater to all these diverse needs in a comprehensive manner. And this explains the growing popularity enjoyed by some of the latest and the best mobile phones. We can initiate the discussion by talking about third generation (3g) mobile phones. These highly sophisticated handsets can be used for making video calls, wherein it becomes possible to see the person that you are talking to and that too in real time! These 3g handsets can also be used to access the internet at high speeds and download information at the click of a button.

Apart from 3g handsets, mobile phones with multimedia capabilities as well as imaging options have also captured the imagination of phone users. People in different parts of the globe have been fascinated with the idea of using their handsets to capture images of some of the memorable moments from their life. Many among them have also been enthusiastic about using their mobiles for listening to music – a feature which has now become quite common and is presently available in many of the latest models of mobile phones. For instance, the latest handsets from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola come with integrated mp3 players and digital cameras. In addition, it is possible to download intriguing mobile phone games and ringtones to many of the best mobile phones.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through an online mobile phone guide, get to know more about the latest features of some of the best mobile phones and take your pick from among the multitude of handsets and deals on offer. It can be said, with some degree of certainty, that owning the latest and best mobile phones would definitely transform your lives for the better!

Best Mobile Phones

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Virgin Network Guide

Virgin network guide is an overall concise information about the network and the tariff plans for mobile users. This guide may help you know the status of Virgin network in the UK as well as the price plans that are being offered by the network.Being the first consumer brand in the mobile market, Virgin Mobile is one of the UK's leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Virgin started its business in November 1999 and since its inception, the company never looked back. Virgin mobile has almost five million happy consumers connected with this network and all are enjoying the connectivity as well as the cost-effective price plans.

As far as products and services are concerned, Virgin sells its products under the Virgin Mobile brand. The network is very much popular in the UK market as the Virgin brand itself is very appealing and admired brand among the UK population. Virgin network provides a range of products and services such as mobile voice and non-voice services, which include SMS, MMS, 3G and entertainment services as well. Virgin mobile network offers a simple, and good value proposition to suit all class of mobile users. Whether you choose Pay Monthly tariff plan or Pay As You Go, the cost-effective tariff plans have been designed to suit consumers demand in every respects. In case of Pay As You Go plan, there is no contract with the network and the consumer is free to change the plan as well as the network anytime.

On the other hand, contract or Pay Monthly tariff plans offered by Virgin Mobile is based on contract. In such type of plan, the network apart from the connectivity, also provides many free services. These free services may include free minutes, free texts, free voice mail, and reasonable charges for calls and other services. Some of the contract tariff plans include VM20, VM25, VM30, VM40, etc. Choose any of the tariff plans as per your need and get connected with Virgin mobile network. As of now,Virgin Mobile is one of the best mobile networks in the UK and consumers are very much satisfied with the deal. This Virgin network guide may give you the right way in choosing the network as well as the plan. Choose and enjoy!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Guide to Pay as you go mobile phones

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. The sheer choices available in the market can make any consumer scratch their heads while choosing a handset. However, one common dilemma faced by customers worldwide is whether they should get a 'contract phone' or should either opt for a 'Pay as you go' option. Once they are through with the choice between the above two options, then there is confusion reagrding which handset to buy.
In this article, we will try to figure out some of the important things a mobile user should bear in mind while choosing a Pay as you go mobile phone.

Network Services
The UK mobile space has many mobile network providers. Some have good connectivity in urban areas wheras some have extended their connectivity to remote locations. Arrangements with service providers operating in other countries allow you to stay connected even when you are away fron United Kingdom. Choosing the right network which caters best to your needs is extremely important. If you are a globe trotter who then you need to select a network which have tie-ups with operators in other countries as well.

Tariff Plans
Tariff plans also play an important role in economizing your mobile bills. Almost all networks have a combination of texts and minutes plans. If you are an avid texter, then you can look for a plan which offers cheap text plans. Same for somebody who makes more international calls.

Handset Selection
Selecting a handset depends on your budget and your personal preferences. If you are a music lover then you can choose a music phone from the choices available in the market. Internet, camera, Office applications and other features are supported with mobile phones available in the market. Make a careful judgement of your usage and then buy a handset which serves you interests well.
Keeping in mind the above points while shopping for a mobile phone will certainly make for a consumate and cost-effective mobile life.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mobile phone reviews: The first step towards successful mobile purchasing.

The mobile phone market in the United Kingdom is flooded with mobile phones. With a handset being daily launched by one manufacturer or other, choosing a mobile phone which best complements your needs and tastes has confused a buyer. With each mobile phone manufacturer shouting from the top on the quality of his handset, buyers are regularly finding themselves at sea. With the high-decibel marketing campaign being launched from every manufacturer, selecting a handset ideal to your needs has become increasingly difficult.

If you are one of these confused buyers and are looking to buy a handset, then mobile phone reviews can be of immense help to you. Almost every website worth its salt has a mobile phone review section where they give reviews on the recently launched handset available in the market. You can find reviews on almost all mobile phones from manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and motorola. If you are looking to buy a handset with superb imaging qualities or a handset with 3G technology then after reading these mobile phone reviews, you can easily select a camera mobile phone with desired qualities and features. The mobile phone reviews available in the websites review both GSM and CDMA handsets. In addition to that, you can find reviews on mobile phone deals and offers.

Whether you want to buy a handset from Nokia N series or want to rock the party with Sony Ericsson walkman series, you always have a mobile phone review to read and get enlightened on the features, design and performance of the handset. So, the next time you wish to purchase a handset, read the reviews available on the websites and match your needs with the features of the handset. Read these reviews from expert authors and buy a handset worth purchasing.

See more Mobile phone reviews, buy right and get the best!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Latest Nokia Phones

Nokia, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phone with a global market share of 33 percent this year, is still the leader in the global mobile phone market, from many years. Nokia has more than eighty percent subscriber in more than 200 countries. The mobile phones designed by Nokia cater to the needs of each and every class of people.The latest nokia phones which are coming these days are packed with amazing style and designs. Most of the features which nowadays phones are carrying are high resolution cameras, video calling and MP 3 music players. The couple of attractive features which most of the mobile phones are carrying are the web browsing capability and Bluetooth connectivity. Nokia fulfills all the latest mobile phones features.

Nokia N series is popular enough in meeting most of the latest features of mobile phones. Nokia N 73 has some of the most advanced and latest feature which any mobile phone can have. It has a multi format digital music player in which you can listen to over 1000 tracks. It comes with a 1GB of memory card which is sold separately. You can also enjoy music on your favourite FM music stations on you own Nokia N73. Music manager avails an easy transfer and integrated stereo speakers allow you to enjoy the quality music. With 3.2 mega pixel camera and 20x digital zoom you can capture the images on your Nokia n73.

The other latest nokia mobile phone is Nokia 6233.It is a stylish 3G phone with a high quality stainless steel finish. It has a high quality surround sound through stereo speakers. It supports video sharing facility which allows you to share all the videos with your family and friends. The 2- mega pixel camera with 8x smooth digital zoom allows you to have the best picture quality.

Nokia latest phones are armed with the best and the latest feature which is difficult to find in any other mobile phone.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mobile phone Insurance guide: Your mobile gets protection now...

You carry your mobile phone with you. Whether you are out for work or for some other thing, your mobile handset is your constant companion. At time it may happen that you forgot to take your mobile phone or it got lost, stolen or damaged in an unfortunate accident. Mobile phones are expensive gadgets and buying another needs a good amount of cash. Sensing this, Insurance companies in association with mobile phone manufacturers are providing mobile phone insurance to consumers.
You need to pay a premium to avail a mobile phone insurance. The premium amount is calculated on the basis of the market value of your mobile handset and the type of policy you want to take. If due to any eventuality, your mobile phone gets stolen or damaged the mobile phone will reimburse you the loss. With a small premium you get a financial cover for your mobile phone in addition to the peace of mind.There are varieties of mobile phone insurance plans available in the market. Depending upon your premium paying capacity and needs you can avail a mobile insurance to protect your handset from accidental damages and losses. Many Insurance companies have an eligibility criteria of the policy holder being 21 years old. Check the eligibility requirements with your local mobile shop or Insurance company.

An Insurance policy mainly covers:
•Damages due to accident: The Insurance provider in such case will reimburse you the cost of repairing etc. If repair is not possible in that case, the Insurance company will finance the purchase of new handset.
•Loss due to accident: In case of loss of mobile due to an accident, the Insurance company will reimburse the cost of handset.
•Theft: You will get a new mobile phone in case it is stolen.
The Insurance company covers losses happening in outside the country as well. You just need to support your claim with documentary evidences.
Get mobile phone insurance today and relax...